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Our Live Online Training is in full swing and we're looking for serious individuals to join the fun.  Good news is, you're already automatically qualified for our FREE WEEK OF TRAININGNot only can you lose weight and improve your health, we're offering additional savings if you get started now. Seriously, we're not asking for any money down, or even a credit card on file. Just Get In On The Action now by scheduling your first session and experience our Live Online Training. 

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Patrick M.

"I started with Obstacle Destruction to help improve my overall performance. I've always loved the outdoors and training with O.D. has helped me take my casual activities to a whole new level.  Now I love to compete in multiple triathlons each year. The Obstacle Destruction team is fantastic at making sure I'm always prepared and I'm working out to my highest potential to continue to push past the limits."

Shanae P.

Nicole D.

"I joined OD in June 2018 for a 4 month membership (at 3x per week) with Shannon Fox. Prior to joining OD, I had been struggling to lose weight due to my approach to weight loss and nutrition. Option 1 was working out religiously, but not watching my nutrition. Option 2 was watching my nutrition and eating well, but not working out. This went on for about a decade of maintaining the same weight and seeing no results. I committed to joining OD because I got engaged and wanted to lose weight for the wedding because I clearly couldn't do it on my own. During the first month, I struggled with exercises and being constantly physically challenged and did not watch my nutrition. It wasn't until my second month where I started to truly watch my nutrition and physically and mentally show up to each gym session ready to try my best - this is when I started to physically notice the results and was sold. Fast forward to my fourth month, exercises that I initially struggled with were substantially getting easier as each week progressed, my clothes seemed to be getting bigger (or me just getting more slim...lol), my muscles started to take shape, I had more energy, I slept better, dieting turned into a lifestyle and was satisfied with what I ate while minimizing cravings (YAY!!) and missing a workout session (during the weekend) felt odd like I was missing something and needed to head to the gym to get back to feeling "normal". This all boils down to being educated on the right nutrition and just "showing up" to the gym and be supported by the OD trainers. Their approach in providing a variety of workouts (constantly keeping things fresh and working different muscles out) with limited gym equipment made it fun - never a dull moment while still exercising different parts of the body. It made it easy to do these workouts at home (very grateful, thanks!). The OD trainers were amazing and truly felt like seeing my family 3x a week as I got to know them (ALL of their trainers are awesome!). This entire experience has been life changing and will always be grateful for my time with them. 

Rebecca F. 

Lydia P. 

"Nearly 4 years ago, I was reluctantly going into big name, corporate gyms, lifting a few weights and after an hour of “working out” leaving unfulfilled, bored and frustrated that I wasn’t making any progress. As an ex college athlete, I yearned for high intensity workouts that were similar to those I experienced in high school and college. I yearned for workouts that would be aerobic but didn’t require lots of running. 
Insert Chad; I spoke to Chad about my knee problems and my desire for workouts that left me fulfilled and accomplished. Almost 4 years later, despite a gym move to Broomfield from Denver, Chad’s ability to hear my concerns and desires, keep me coming back. 
In the years since, Obstacle Destruction has evolved into a multi-faceted approach of lifestyle and well-being. 
Not only are there different approaches to fitness at OD, but there’s the added benefit of nutrition consults with Shannon. Shannon has become a consistent weekly force of providing ideas to improve eating habits, recipes and most importantly for me, helping to keep me accountable. 
Obstacle Destruction has become a family environment that is so much more than just working out. Hashem has his movement based workouts always with a smile and positive self.  And there’s Cynthia’s upbeat personality pushing you through deceivingly difficult workouts. 
Obstacle destruction brings as whole different level of training and service that other gyms lack."