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Mike Hafner

Personal Trainer 
NASM Certified


I first fell in love with fitness and sports at the age of 5 when my parents enrolled me in wrestling, and it has been at the core of my life ever since. I am passionate about martial-arts, anatomy, functional strength training, and overall well-being. Learning new modalities and training styles has been a life-long adventure. I believe fitness should have as much fun as it does challenges.


I have spent the last eight years of my career as a Registered Nurse helping people heal from illness and injury. As a personal trainer, I now help individuals build and maintain the functional fitness that I believe can help foster health and well-being. I believe the human body can be a capable tool that, with the right training, will last one’s entire life.


I provide a unique blend of medical knowledge, a passion for personal well-being, and a love for the outdoors. There is a vast spectrum of ways to maintain one's health and I look forward to finding the approach to training that works for you. I am confident we will find the right program to achieve your goals. Life is a long journey with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

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