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Jumping right into it, I did what what most people do and let life and all its craziness not only test my personal well being, but I let it take over.  In a matter of a few months I was listing my house, working on buying a new house, making a massive move for my family, continuing to work and provide for my family, as well as prepare for another kiddo on the way. On top of all this, I was remodeling the new house and working my ass off to finally settle in. This is just scratching the surface on everything going on, but in doing so I neglected to take care of myself.  Naturally, the weight literally piled on, my physical and emotional health went to hell and I was not being the dad and partner I was supposed to be. 

As a former D-1 athlete I know what it takes to not only push the limits and take training to a whole other level. So I took back control of my health and started my own transformation. I'm not just some coach who is good at telling people what to do. I practice what I put out there and continue to improve myself along with those I work close with.

Because this transformation worked so well, I had to share it. I've helped so many people in the past and feel now is even more important to reach out and help one small group at a time take their bad habits and feelings and turn them into something awesome! Let me help you create your own success and transform into who you want be.


I was so stressed about everything the past couple of years that I couldn't bring myself to do anything positive. I felt depressed and helpless, but then I got the opportunity to work with you and it has been night and day! I truly feel amazing and am so proud of my accomplishments this year.

Todd C.

No other way to put it besides I lost weight and achieved my goals. Not much else to say but this program is truly works! I'm absolutely continuing to work with you and keep this momentum going.

Quinn D.

Chad, I told you from the beginning, I've tried a lot of things in the past to not only make me feel better about myself, but also help me lose the weight that I carried around in my gut. Your transformation is truly one of a kind and has finally given me the results that I was hoping for.

Tyler D.

Be a part of this next round of success!

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Info and Testimonials: About Me
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